Virtual Private Server with KVM technology

The optimal solution for fast, reliable websites with maximum control over resources.

Virtual Server Plans with KVM technology

Powerful, Fast, Modern Infrastructure, Managed, Full Root Access, Unlimited Website Hosting, Management Control Panel (Turn Off, Turn On, Restart, Re-Install) all from a single Panel.


Experience the power of a virtualized Private Server with KVM!

Need more privacy, security, speed, power? This is the right place! Private Virtual Servers with maximum guarantee KVM technology!

  • Guaranteed Resources.
  • Full root access.
  • Control panel for self-management.
  • IP in Latin America “Ecuador”.
  • Free Administration.
  • Start, Shutdown, Reboot, Reinstall.
  • Various Operating Systems.
  • Free weekly backups.
  • Own servers in our DataCenter.

Advantages of a Virtual KVM Server

A KVM Server is a virtual private server, your own private island on a larger dedicated server, this gives you full control over a portion of a server, in essence it is like a container that contains an operating system and gives you root access to do with it what is required.

In a simpler explanation, a virtual KVM server is like an apartment that is rented within a building, you can do whatever you want within your apartment, and it provides the security you need.

Because the virtual private server is a guaranteed physical space and resources within the main server, you will have more control over what operating system and applications you want to install without interfering with other users' resources, or the other way around. You don't have to worry about hardware and operating system requirements because we'll take care of that for you.

If you are expecting an increase in your website traffic or planning to grow your online business, it is important to be able to scale your hosting resources without causing any downtime or technical issues on your website. Our virtual servers allow you to conveniently scale for more or less resources, depending on what your online business demands, there are no possible limits.

Virtual servers by having guaranteed resources such as storage space, processors, ram memory, gives you the opportunity to have your own personal touch such as: operating system that you choose, turn it off, turn it on, restart it, reinstall it, install the control panel of your preference or the application you need for your company, there is no possible limit, basically you have control of everything for a small price and best of all, with us it is fully managed!

Our Guarantees

Dedicated to the technology industry since 2006, company with physical and fiscal location.

Your safe investment

As a company with a physical and fiscal address, we can give your investment peace of mind.

24/7 support

Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, always available for any questions you may have.

Weekly Backups

Our technology offers you weekly backups on all Free KVM Servers!

Maximum Optimization

We optimize your server to the maximum so that you can use any application that you wish to install.

Our Best Features

With our Datacenter in Latin America Google will put you in the best results of your country.


Free SSL

24/7 support



Totally free

24/7 Technical Support with Unlimited Administration

All the services we offer have 24/7 technical support and service management, this means that if you want to install something on your Virtual Private Server and you can't do it, you just have to open a ticket and we'll do it for you! without costs in our hand of service, we just want you to stay with us always!.

If you acquire the virtual server, we manage it at no cost to you, we help you with any problem you have with the WordPress platforms, Prestashop or problems with HTML, or installation of Scripts, Control Panels, and more, We are Experts! .

Gratis Panel de Control para máxima Gestión!

Nuestro Panel de Control lo podrá encontrar en sus servicios contratados para Servidores Virtuales KVM, este le va a permitir realizar muchas actividades!, por si fuera poco también le daremos acceso a una de las plataformas más famosas del mundo en virtualización y gestion, virtualizor.

Fácil de usar, interfaz amigable.

Podrá encender, reiniciar, apagar su Servidor.

Podrá reinstalar el sistema operativo.

Podrá revisar estadísticas de su Servidor.

Podrá instalar paneles de control como cpanel, plesk desde su panel de servidor.

Cambio de contraseña ssh y mucho más!.

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